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Economic Justice

Build generational wealth in urban communities by teaching financial literacy, providing access to capital and strengthening Black/urban entrepreneurial success.

Social Justice

Our focus is to build social and political capital within the urban/Black community by investing in and advocating for social programs, education, activities, and policy reform.


Help schools adapt/implement an adequate curriculum and diversify staff to better inform, equip, and support the needs of BIPOC students. We want to engage change in educational reform and aide efforts that prevent discrimination.

Change the Narrative

We intend to increase awareness of the role race plays in our history, not cover it up. We plan to drive a deeper understanding of the decisions, actions, and consequences of racism and other forms of discrimination and inequality in our everyday lives.




Currator of the

Kommon Knowledge Foundation


Kommon Knowledge is a nonprofit organization predicated on the promotion of services for young men and women in underserved communities. Through knowledge based programs and initiatives focused in areas such as Cognitive Skills Building, Conflict Resolution Practices, Career Path Development, and Civic Education Awareness, we aim to enrich the youth to cultivate the future of society.


• Build and develop relationships with corporate and local businesses to create opportunities for internship programs for young men and women in underserved communities.

• Through those developed relationships with corporate and local businesses, establish a scholarship fund in conjunction with the internship program, assisting young men and women in the furtherance of their education for greater job opportunities in the workplace field of choice.

• Build and develop relationships with City and County School Superintendents, creating access into the school system forMotivational Testimonial Assemblieswith students in both Middle and High School on the risk factors of gangs, drugs, crime, criminal justice awareness, and other peer pressure situations they may encounter.

• Build and develop relationships with City and County Department of Social Services and Juvenile and Domestic Relations Courts to gain access to residents in it's facilities to create Dialogue Skills Training Program.

• Build and develop relationships with local businesses serving residents in or around subsidized housing complexes, in an effort to promote an Annual Consumer Appreciation Giveback Celebration for contributions to said local businesses.