"What is salve?" Salve (pronouced "Sav") is a thick oitment or cream made to heal, hydrate, and protect skin/soothe muscle pain and aches.

Our salve, Smoke, is comprised of a wealth of essential oils and natural ingredients that promise quality and results. Smoke had mango butter, shea butter, almond oil, grape seed oil, tea tree oil, jojoba oil, argan oil and many more. Smoke is also infused with our own naturally home made colognes.

4 oz Beard wash... beard oil... beard cream... wooden beard pick & brush.

This is the foundation to our beard care system. We've strengthened our recipe and added our signature beard pick and beard brush. Enjoy.

Ladies, you will LOVE this butter! A little bit goes a long way, as just a dime sized dab of it will cover areas 10 times it size! 9th Wonder's a body butter is GURANTEED to last ALL DAY! The rich natural Ugandan Shea Butter will hold its luster and also protects from violent sun rays boasting a NATURAL SPF of 7. Combined with our other rich ingredients, our body butter has an overall SPF 30.

Wonder WORKS!


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